Operation Firefly Pomona

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition participate in an annual bike light distribution event called Operation Firefly. Last night we had amazing volunteers in Pomona distributing bike lights to cyclists riding in the dark without lights and taking brief surveys in both Spanish and English. We distributed over thirty sets of lights.

It was really difficult to spot cyclists riding without lights, but once we flagged them down and hooked them up you could see them riding away for several blocks, more visible to cars and safer all around. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve helped decrease the odds of cyclists being struck or injured by cars.

Operation Firefly’s 2018-2019 season is being sponsored by Sunlite, who is helping provide the thousands of lights being handed out all over Los Angeles County. For more information on Operation Firefly: https://la-bike.org/our-work/operation-firefly/

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