Bicycle Revolution in La Verne, Friday

Bicycle Revolution – La Verne Showing

University of La Verne – La Fetra Hall

April 13th, 7:30pm – FREE

University of La Verne and La Verne Bicycle Coalition are co-sponsoring a La Verne showing of the short documentary Bicycle Revolution. The film follows a Harvey Mudd Political Science class as they ride to twelve cities to experience each from a bicycle, and talk with leaders in each city. Claremont, Pomona, San Dimas and La Verne are all featured in the film.

Before and after the event, there will be tables with information from many local groups, PVBC, CiclaVia, the Local Bike Stand, Dockless bikeshare bikes to try, and others so come early. The film will be followed with a short panel discussion about efforts and progress La Verne is making to becoming more bike and pedestrian friendly. Best of all the cost is free.

The event on Facebook


Just added. Make the night even better by joining a special pre-move dinner Pappas Artisanal Restaurant. You can find more about the event here:

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