You can volunteer in Pomona’s upcoming bike count!

Volunteer in Pomona’s first bike count!

Numbers are great. They are loaded with tons of potential information and can make a great impact in spurring infrastructure changes.  That’s why at PVBC, we are happy that the City of Pomona will begin conducting its first Bike Count with the help of the Department of Public Health. A bike count will help the city prioritize allocating funds on streets that are already serving bicyclists and pedestrians, to make improvements in those areas. PVBC has taken up the task to recruit volunteers interested in helping get accurate and reliable numbers. We can use all the volunteers we can get!

There will be 7 intersection locations throughout the City with 3 counts at each spot. One count will be on a weekday morning for morning commuters and second will be in the evening for night commuters. The last count will be on a weekend to catch recreational riders. Below are the exact locations and dates. Volunteers must complete a training session before the count to get the materials and a breakdown on how to count at the intersections. Please help us make Pomona and the region a more bike and walk friendly place to be by volunteering at the bike count.

You can find more information on the Facebook event page here and you can sign up to volunteer here.

Training dates:

Wednesday, October 3  6:30-7:30pm at the Ganesha Community Center, 1575 N. White Ave. Pomona

Saturday, October 6  10-11 am at the Ganesha Community Center, 1575 N. White Ave. Pomona

Count dates:

Saturday October 13 11am-1pm

Wednesday October 17  7-9am  and  4-6pm

Count locations:

1. Philadelphia & Garey
2. Towne & Franklin
3. Holt & Garey
4. South Campus & Ridgeway
5. South Campus & Temple
6. Garey & Arrow Highway
7. Bonita & Towne

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