Next Meeting and Community Garden Ride

Ar our last meeting we mentioned we wanted to have a mini-Bike-In at Dan’s gallery and what we got was this whole other energy and desire to have the Bike-In at Palomares Park and have it open to the public. Our next meeting we will be discussing the possibilities of having this event and what we need to do in order to make it happen.  We will meet at Palomares park this Tuesday July 3rd 6-6:30. Please join us and help us envision this event and give us your input and comments and your time in making this happen.  Palomares Park is located on 499 E. Arrow Hwy., City of Pomona. If folks are up for it, we can ride to a local yogurt shop to cool off!

We are kicking off our summer series ride Sunday July 8th!!! We teamed up with the Azusa Community Garden for folks to learn about community gardening and tips for your own garden. The ride will start and end at the Community Garden with infused drinks and garden-y snacks after. More info can be found on our FB page here. The ride meets and ends at Memorial Park, 320 N. Orange Place in Azusa,


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2 Responses to Next Meeting and Community Garden Ride

  1. Joaquin Rodriguez says:

    Would it be a good idea to invite One More Move and see if they can set up a bike workshop and giveaway on the day of the bike-in?

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