Pomona Bike Master Plan needs your input!

Do you live or ride a bike in Pomona? Do you have suggestions of where the city should put bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, bike racks, and other amenities? If so, please participate in the planning process! Here is a website where you can learn about the process and leave feedback. Even if someone has already addressed what you wanted to say, repeating it will show that it is in high demand. One public meeting has already passed, but there will be another coming up in late summer or early fall.

A bike master plan combines input from community members with advice from transportation planners to suggest to the city the highest priority areas for improvement and what types of infrastructure are needed or wanted. The plan usually includes a map, descriptions of infrastructure, and illustrations. Once the city has a plan and approves the plan, they are eligible for related grants to start making the plan a reality. Plans are usually designed for a specific time range, so a five year plan would cover everything that should be built within five years. This limits the scope of the plans but also allows for reassessment of the community’s needs after that five years.

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